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I’m a mama, author, podcaster and creator of the Feel Good Effect

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My goal in life? 

To help you feel good. For real.

Of course, it hasn’t always been this way.

I used to feel crushed by my never done to-do list, paralyzed by an endless chase for perfection, stuck in the all-or-nothing hamster wheel, and stifled by the toxic comparison trap.

But then? Well, then, I got over it.

Over wellness as another set of impossible standards. 

Over the all-or-nothing approach that constantly made me feel like I was falling off the wagon.

Over comparing myself to everyone else, feeling like I would never measure up.

And over the books, podcasts, and self-help gurus giving me strategies and habits that never actually worked in my real life.

So I got to work, using my background in behavior change, psychology, neuroscience, education & mindfulness to figure out how the brain works, and why some people succeed in reaching their goals, while others don’t.

Then, being the research nerd that I am, I got to work translating the science + mindfulness teachings into mindset shifts, practical strategies, and habits that actually work for real people. 

This is the Feel Good Effect: from struggling and stuck, to focused and free

Now it’s my mission to share the Feel Good Effect through my writing, podcasting, speaking, and coaching. 

“It’s like Robyn is in my head, bringing together my disjointed thoughts. She’s helped me understand how my thinking is holding me back, and her tips speak loud and clear. Her tender encouragement and thoughtfulness always makes me feel that wellness is attainable.”

“I should probably listen to Robyn’s podcast or read her blog daily until I adopt these practices and stop beating myself up. She’s like a great friend on speed dial I can call when a case of body bullying crops up.”

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I’m also a 2019 Wellness Woman to Watch, and my work has been featured on Huffpost, Buzzfeed, Shape, Everygirl, Greatist, SheKnows, VerywellFit, among others.

Of course, while these fancy features are great, what I really care about is helping people just like you unlock the power of feeling good.

And I’m not just talk--I practice what I preach and live the Feel Good Effect mission and message in my own life, everyday.

When I’m not writing, podcasting, or coaching, you’ll find me on a hiking date with Andrew, my husband of more than 16 years (I know, I know, I got married young!).

You also might find me catching a yoga class here in Portland (even though I still can’t do a chaturanga push-up), or hanging with my taller-than-anyone-in-her-class seven year-old daughter, Elle (who currently has me reading her Harry Potter out loud every chance she gets). 


I’m also a verbally processing introvert (yeah--that’s totally a thing), who would rather throw her hair into a messy top knot then blow dry it, and who owns far more flats than heels (hey, I’m six feet tall!).

So if you want to feel really good--to flip the script, embrace a new way of thinking, and find simple strategies and habits that work in real life, here’s your next move.

Take my quick, simple quiz to find your unique wellness style. Then we’ll take it from there.


The Official Bio

Robyn Conley Downs is founder of the mission-driven media and education brand, Real Food Whole Life, and creator of the Feel Good Effect Mindset & Method. Holding a Master’s degree in education with an emphasis in behavior change, and 4 years of public policy & health change at the doctoral level, her work taps into cutting edge science around mindset, strategies and habits; and how people create and sustain lasting wellness. She combines this professional research background with work as a certified yoga teacher, specializing in mindfulness and self-compassion, to share science-based, life-tested, radically simple solutions to help people feel good. When not writing or speaking, Robyn can be found behind the mic of her Apple-top rated Feel Good Effect podcast, in the kitchen creating simple, beloved real food recipes, hiking, reading, or practicing yoga. Recently named one of the Most Influential Women in Wellness, she lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Andrew, and their daughter Elle.

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