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welcome to your simplified morning

The Simplified Morning Journal is designed to help you create space to connect with yourself, refill your cup, and focus in on what really matters. Here’s how it works:

Journal Pages:

Use the beautifully designed daily journal pages to reflect, connect, and stay focused.

What You’ll Receive:

A 38-page, beautifully designed, downloadable journal. The journal can be used digitally on a tablet or phone, or printed.

Get Started with Purpose:

Before diving in, you’ll take a few moments to reflect on the purpose behind your Simplified Morning using the journal prompt page, provided.

Morning Menu:

Need a little help cultivating a personalized routine? Use the menu provided for inspiration, then brainstorm your own.

frequently asked questions 

4 | Can I share the Journal with a friend?

In this case, sharing isn’t caring. If you’d like to invite a friend to join you for accountability, please do! Just don’t send her download directly. It’s stealing, after all.

5 | Can you walk me through your 5-Minute Morning?

Absolutely! I recorded this podcast episode to explain the entire process.

6 | Can I do the Journal as part of a more holistic program?

Yes! Check out the Simplified Reset for details.

1 | When can I get started?

The Journal is self-guided and self-paced, so it starts whenever you want. You’ll receive the downloadable journal upon purchase.

2 | Can I print the journal? Use it on my tablet?

Yes to both! It’s designed to be used however you’d like, using your favorite device or with pen and paper.

3 | How many journal prompts are there?

There are 2 pages of specific prompts to get you started, and then a repeating page for daily reflections.