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beautiful, healthy real food. more ease. less time.


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    The Real Food Simplified digital e-book includes:

    50 basic, simple, healthy, mix-and-match recipes, each accompanied by a photo.

    Over 30 beautifully photographed mix-and-match meals, showing exactly how to combine the basic recipes for endless variety.

    All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and are, or are easily adapted to, a paleo or grain-free diet.

    Easily customizable for different dietary needs or taste preferences.

    Delivered via downloadable PDF directly to your computer or tablet.

    Bonus I: Simplified Planning Sheets

    Printable weekly meal map planning sheet.

    Printable grocery list and prep lists.

    Mix-and-Match planning sheet.

    Bonus II: Simplified Kitchen

    Tips for creating a simplified capsule pantry.

    Go-to simplified kitchen tools, storage & freezing must-haves.

    Inspiration for streamlining meal mapping & prep.

    Tools + tricks for feeding kids & partners, plus adaptations for singles & couples.

    Real Food Simplified. Beautiful, healthy, real food. Less time. More ease. Your streamlined system to meal prep + plan & cook real food effortlessly.

    The Mix & Match Method

    Put it all together with the Real Food Simplified Mix & Match Method. Simply select a meal type, then mix & match the building block recipes to create versatile, customized meals.

    The Bonuses

    Simplify your kitchen, plan with ease, and get all the tips & tricks for feeding the ones you love with the beautiful, printable bonuses.

    Ditch Complicated Meal Planning

    Instead of relying on complicated plans, say hello to meal mapping. Use the over 30 photographed recipe examples to get started, then use the printable planning sheets to create your own.

    Building Block Recipes

    Real Food Simplified contains over 50 basic building block recipes, which can be combined to create fresh new meals each week, all with short lists of easy to find ingredients.


    Robyn from Real Food Whole Life. Wellness, simplified.

    Hi there, I'm Robyn, and I developed Real Food Simplified for one reason: to help you find time & create space for what you love in life. 

    Here’s the thing: when I began this wellness journey, I knew healthy, real food was the best place to start.

    But honestly? I struggled to make it work in real life.

    Meal planning & prep just took so much time, and felt so overwhelming.

    After trying and failing one too many times, I decided it was time to simplify.

    Real Food Simplified is the result, a streamlined method that will allow you to meal prep, plan and cook real food in less time, with more ease.


    Real Food Simplified. Beautiful, healthy, real food. Less time. More ease. Your streamlined system to meal prep + plan & cook real food effortlessly.

    "I used to spend over 6 hours a week planning and prepping meals. Now I spend less than 15 minutes a day. I never knew meal prep could be this easy and intuitive!." - Annie Eeds

    Robyn has mastered the art of simple, yet creative meal planning. I’m not a cook. I’ve never planned meals before. If she can help me, she can help anybody. - Kerri Foster

    I’m proud to say I can now pull together a healthy meal without the struggle! I love that I no longer need lots of ingredients to have a satisfying meal that my husband enjoys too. - Melissa Wiggins

    I love this style of meal planning because it gives me no excuse not to eat well, feel well, and live well." - Ivy Paluszak

    For the first time in my entire life, healthy eating feels doable. Goodbye overwhelm (and junk food!). - Darcy Hoag

    I’ve always been a meal planner, but RFF has tightened up and streamlined my approach without stifling my creativity. I’m saving money, feeding my family food they love, and I have a renewed passion for cooking! - Melissa Gentry


    Real Food Simplified. Beautiful, healthy, real food. Less time. More ease. Your streamlined system to meal prep + plan & cook real food effortlessly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    8 | Is there a hard copy version? Can I it print it myself?

    There is no hard copy at this time. It will be delivered as downloadable PDF. It’s over 100 pages, and contains photos for each recipe so it’s not particularly economical to print. We recommend viewing RFS digitally.

    The bonus planning sheets are printable, and you can print as many sheets as you need, for as long as you like!

    9 | Are breakfast and dessert recipes included?

    No. Dinner, lunch and snack recipes are included.

    10 |  I'm on a budget. Will I save money with this method?

    Yes. By allowing you to plan and prep ahead, you'll eliminate the costs associated with eating out and wasting food.

    11 | is there nutritional information?

    Since the focus is on real, whole food, there is no nutritional information provided.

    12 | What if i'm not satisfied?

    If for some reason you're not satisfied, please reach out to let us know what's not working, and we'll either issue a refund or help to fix the issue.

    13 | I'm a health coach or own a workout studio. Can I use real food simplified with my clients?

    We're happy to discuss! Please contact us for group rates and license information. Do not redistribute or copy without permission. 

    14 | What happened to Real Food Fix?

    Real Food Simplified is the updated version.. If you purchased Real Food Fix previously, you received this updated version for free via email!

    15 | Does this really simplify things?

    It really does. Once you learn the system, you'll never go back to wasting time and effort planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. It's truly a game changer.

    1  | Who is Real Food Simplified for?

    The RFS recipes are ultra-simple, so it’s for you if you want easy, quick recipes with short ingredient lists.

    2 | I don't really like meal planning, and don't have a lot of time to cook. Is this for me?

    Absolutely! I created this exactly for you. This is about simplifying, streamlining, and making the process effortless.

    3  | What exactly do I get?

    A downloadable 100 page PDF e-book, containing 50+ basic recipes, plus 30 Mix-and-Match recipes, each with a photograph.

    You’ll also receive the Simplified Kitchen and Simplified Planning Sheets bonus downloadable PDFs with your purchase.

    4  | Is it a diet? Will I lose weight?

    RFS is a way to make cooking and eating real, unprocessed foods simpler & easier in real life, and many people find that eating real food leads to weight loss.

    5 | Are the recipes gluten free? Dairy-free? Refined sugar-free?

    Yes to all, so it’s perfect if you’re following a special diet. All recipes are, or are easily adaptable to, the paleo or grain-free way of eating.

    6 | Are all the recipes vegetarian? Vegan?

    The majority of the recipes in RFS are vegetarian or vegan, with the exception of the protein section, which includes a mix of meat and plant-based options.

    Using the Mix-and-Match method you can easily make any recipe vegetarian or plant-based.

    7  | Are the recipes all new?

    Yes, the majority of the recipes are exclusive to the system and will never be published on the blog.