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The Real Reason I Took a Break From Sharing Recipes This Summer

Whole LifeRobyn DownsComment

“Do you think I can do it?” This was the question I posed to Andrew in May. “Do you actually think I can? Press pause, let it go, trust that it will still be there?” 

“Yes,” was his response. “I think you can. I know you can.”


He was right, of course. I was able to let it go. To take 6 weeks off from creating, testing, photographing and sharing recipes every week, from writing and blogging and editing and posting and commenting and answering.

Pressed pause on the weekly Real Food Whole Life community newsletter.

Let Instagram slide. Posted once a week instead of everyday. Logged off for days at a time.

The truth is, I simply needed a break to recharge, say yes to some new projects, and celebrate this precious time with Andrew and Elle.

Saying no to say yes.

Here is what I know to be true: Life is full of tradeoffs.

My challenge this summer was to make an intentional choice to let somethings go.

To make space for the essential and the new.

Like jumping on water trampolines with Elle in the middle of Payette Lake.

And taking an 8+ mile hike with Andrew for the first time in just about forever. Just the two of us. Like we used to.

Skipping the car while on vacation and riding bikes to dinner, letting the dry central Oregon desert air dry my still-wet-from-the-shower hair. 

Giving little thought to dinner each night other than what protein and veggie combo we should throw on the grill.

Getting in the pool and celebrating my right-now body.

And giving life to a whole new project, the Feel Good Effect podcast.

Putting something down. Picking something else up. Creating space. Pressing pause.

And now? Now I’m ready to dive in again. I’ve got running through my head and so many new feel good posts and freebies for you I can’t wait to dive in.

With fall just around the corner, what tradeoffs are you making to feel good?