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Real Food Whole Life Brand + Website Launch

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Today I'm so excited to launch the new brand and website for Real Food Whole Life. I hope you'll take a look around and discover all of the exciting new features. Welcome to the new space!

Real Food Whole Life is a blog about simplifying and inspiring healthy eating and living.

Let me tell you a little bit about how we got here. I started Real Food Whole Life in 2014 as a way to simplify and inspire healthy eating and living. At the time I had a lot of ideas, tons of passion, and a willingness to learn. I did not, however, know anything about the technical or design side of running a website. 

I spent many late nights in the early days on help boards, YouTube, and Google, somehow managing to cobble together a functional website. I taught myself the basics, but it was clear as the blog began to grow that I was going to need some technical and design help.

I knew immediately upon discovering Lauren's branding and design blog, Elle & Company, that I had found my answer (plus it's a fun coincidence that her company shares a name with my daughter; it was meant to be!). Lauren's clean, fresh design aesthetic matched my vision for Real Food Whole Life perfectly, so I reached out and she agreed to work with me. We have spent the past few weeks working on the new brand and website, and after a ton of work on both our parts I am thrilled to reveal the final result. P.S. You can learn all about Lauren's process for designing the Real Food Whole Life brand and website by clicking herel

Real Food Whole Life is a blog about inspiring and simplifying healthy eating and living.

Okay, do you want to know what's new? I invite you to click around and do some exploring. Here's a little overview of the changes to get you oriented:

Real Food Whole Life if a blog about simplifying and inspiring healthy eating and living.

Lauren created a new logo with logo variations and revamped the brand colors to reflect a fresh, healthy, friendly vibe.

I reorganized the blog into 7 categories to make posts easier to access. 

To go along with the new blog categories Lauren also created linked category icons (the graphic here is a screenshot; see blog sidebar for the clickable icons). Don't you love them? I mean, seriously. I die over these icons!

Blog categories can now be accessed using the menu bar at the top of the blog or by clicking on the category icons in the sidebar.

The About page now includes a dropdown for describing what Real Food Whole Life is all about, plus my story and why I started the blog. It also has my philosophy for what I eat and why.

A Real Food category was added to include a dropdown for recipes, which are now organized and easily searchable (yay!). The weekly meal plans got a new look (more on that in a minute) and are also easily searchable by week. The real food how-to category was added to organize posts on simple tips and tricks for healthy eating. Finally, the special occasions category was added to house posts on hosting and planning healthy celebrations.

A Whole Life category was added to include a dropdown for lifestyle posts including Friday Things, Monthly Favorites, and special series. A family category was added for kid- and family-related posts, and I'm looking forward to adding posts to this category in the near future. Finally, a fitness category was added to organize posts on working out, exercise, and barre3.

Real Food Whole Life is a blog about simplifying and inspiring healthy eating and living.

In addition to the new categories there's also a new sidebar featuring recent blog favorites, and at the bottom of most posts you'll also find a carousel of related posts to explore. Also at the bottom of each post you have the opportunity to like a post as well as to share it.

I also revamped the Real Food Whole Life subscription email, and signing up is now super easy. If you want to receive emails with new recipes, meal plans, how-tos and more straight to your inbox you can subscribe here. It's free and subscribers will receive updates on new projects and special events before anyone else.

The site has also been optimized for smart phones and tablets, so now you can take Real Food Whole Life with you on the go. This feature is especially helpful for accessing Recipes on the go and Weekly Meal Plans virtually anywhere.

Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List printable from #mealplan #grocerylist #printable #free

Last but not least, I'm so excited to share the new Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List printable for Real Food Whole Life! Lauren specially designed this printable for Real Food Whole Life readers and it's free to download for a limited time. You can access the printable by clicking on Resources in the footer (very bottom) of the blog. Once you've downloaded, printed, and filled out your meal plan take a picture and share it with me on social media using the hashtag #realfoodmealplan.

I did my best to clean up broken links and catch any glitches, but if you come across something that's not working with the site please let me know. And if you pinned content from the old site know that those links are now broken (bummer, I know!). So, as you're exploring the new site be sure to repin your favorite posts and recipes.

I am so excited about Real Food Whole Life's new brand and website and am looking forward to continuing to add content and grow the blog. Okay, now go look around and tell me what you think. I can't wait to hear from you!

xxoo, Robyn

Photo on this page by Sara Vandepas