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Frequently asked questions

What is the Real Food Fix Food (RFF) Philosophy?
The Real Food Fix focuses on consuming more fruits and veggies, cooking at home, and choosing real foods over processed.

What about Dairy and Gluten?
Real Food Fix recipes are free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. Feel free to add dairy or gluten ingredients, or any ingredients you like, to match your personal preferences.

What Meals Does RFF Cover?
Real Food Fix focuses on planning and prepping Dinner, Lunch and Snacks. Space is provided in the Weekly Meal Map to plan your own breakfasts, if you wish. 

Will I Save Money with RFF?
Real Food Fix can help save you money by allowing you to plan and prep ahead, eliminating the costs associated with eating out. And, since grocery shopping will be organized around the Essential Six, you’ll avoid the cost of throwing food away.

Will I Lose Weight with RFF?
The goal of RFF is to help you reach your goal of eating real food. For many people, switching to a real food diet and avoiding processed foods does lead to weight loss. 

Will RFF Work if I’m Only Cooking for One or Two People?
Yes! The system allows you to customize your plan and reinvent leftovers, making it perfect for singles and couples. Use the Weekly Inspiration Meal Map (Family of Four, Couple, or Single version) to guide you.

If I Follow a Vegetarian or Paleo Diet will RFF Work for Me?
Yes, RFF can be adapted to vegetarian and Paleo diets. 

Vegetarian: All the Sauces are meat-free, and there are several vegetarian Protein items to choose from in The Essential Six. Everything else is vegetarian, resulting in endless MYO meat-free options.

Paleo: Most Sauces are Paleo-friendly, and those that aren’t offer a Paleo variation. Grains + Bases offer several grain-free options, and the remaining Essential Six items are Paleo-friendly. 

Do I Have to Prep Ahead?
No. Real Food Fix makes prepping simple, and allows you to prep as little or as much as you want ahead of time. If you’d rather skip this step, no problem. The system will still work for you.

How Many Meals Per Week Does RFF Cover?
As many as you’d like to plan for. The Inspiration Meal Mapper provides examples for 5 dinners, lunches, and snacks.

Can I Use Other Recipes?
Absolutely! Feel free to use other recipes for inspiration and add them into Real Food Fix to create your own personalized system. Check out Real Food Whole Life for ideas.

Can I Use Store-Bought Substitutions?
Yes. There is no rule that every part of the Real Food Fix needs to be strictly homemade. When looking for store-bought substitutions, be sure to check the ingredient list before purchasing. 

Skip any product that contains more than 5 ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, ingredients you can’t pronounce, trans fats, or added sugar. If you find a real food product that you love, feel free to use it! 

Do I Have to Use a Slow Cooker?
Several of the Essential Six Proteins utilize a slow cooker to make prep easy, but if you don’t have one, no worries. There are plenty of oven-roasted and sautéed options to choose from.

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