Real Food Whole Life


No long hours in the kitchen. No overwhelming grocery lists. No hard-to-find ingredients.

real food fix is your start-to-finish system
to help you plan less and play more. 

In this 100+ page guide, you'll get: 

  • A streamlined, flexible process to make meal planning & prep fail-proof and fun
  • Over 50 easy-to-make, mix-and-match recipes that can be combined in a variety of ways
  • Over 30 examples of real-life meals for really busy people
  • Tips for success, including how to set up your kitchen, reduce food waste, and more
  • Bonus customized plans for families, couples, and singles plus printable PDFs to stay organized

Real People. Real Results.


"I used to spend over 6 hours a week planning and prepping meals. Now I spend less than 15 minutes a day. I never knew meal prep could be this easy and intuitive!." - Annie Eeds


For the first time in my entire life, healthy eating feels doable. Goodbye overwhelm (and junk food!). - Darcy Hoag

Robyn has mastered the art of simple, yet creative meal planning. I’m not a cook. I’ve never planned meals before. If she can help me, she can help anybody. - Kerri Foster

I’m proud to say I can now pull together a healthy meal without the struggle! I love that I no longer need lots of ingredients to have a satisfying meal that my husband enjoys too. - Melissa Wiggins

I love this style of meal planning because it gives me no excuse not to eat well, feel well, and live well."  - Ivy Paluszak

I’ve always been a meal planner, but RFF has tightened up and streamlined my approach without stifling my creativity. I’m saving money, feeding my family food they love, and I have a renewed passion for cooking! - Melissa Gentry

What You Need To Know

What is the Real Food Fix Food (RFF) Philosophy?

Real Food Fix focuses on consuming more fruits and veggies, cooking at home, and choosing real foods over processed. Recipes use whole foods that are free of processed sugar, gluten, and dairy.

What Meals Does it Cover?

Dinner, Lunch and Snacks.

Will I Save Money with RFF?

Yes. By allowing you to plan and prep ahead, you'll eliminate the costs associated with eating out and throwing food away.

Will I Lose Weight?

For many people, switching to a real food diet and avoiding processed foods does lead to weight loss. 

Will it Work for Singles and Couples?
Yes! The system allows you to customize your plan and reinvent leftovers, making it perfect for singles and couples.

Can I Give RFF as a Gift?

Absolutely, Real Food Fix make a great gift! Simply click the present icon in the upper righthand corner at checkout and enter the name and email of the person you'd like to receive the gift.

I Follow a Paleo or Vegetarian Diet. Will RFF work for me?

Yes, all RFF is easily adapted to both Paleo and Vegetarian diets.

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