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Take the Wellness Personality Quiz

Wanna shift your wellness mindset? Start here.

This quiz will help you understand the way your brain thinks — especially when it comes to wellness.

Here’s the thing: unlike some of those random, thrown-together quizzes across the internet, these questions are based on science and designed to cut right to the heart of what healthy really matters.

Together with my partner (in business + life), psychologist Dr. Andrew Downs, we’ve created this quick-yet-powerful quiz to crack the code on your wellness personality.  

And knowing your wellness personality?

That will help you better understand how you judge, process information. You might even discover some hidden patterns you may be repeating.

And then — this is the cool part — you’ll be better able to make decisions that work for YOU.

But it’s not like we leave you high and dry.

We’ll serve up wellness content — recipes, podcasts and posts — to kickstart your wellness mindset shift according to how your wellness personality works.

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