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Welcome to Real Food Whole Life. Here's what we're all about.


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Here's the quick story about how this whole thing came to life . . .

Welcome to Real Food Whole Life

Wellness, especially post-baby, used to be elusive. I was convinced there was some magic formula I couldn’t quite figure out.

It all just seemed so complicated and overwhelming. And when it came to making it work in real life — well, there were never enough hours in the day.

I felt like I was doing it wrong.

So I went on quest to find the mythical, shiny, healthy life. You know the one. The one with rose-petal-filled bubble baths, a perfectly balanced work-home life, and six-pack post-baby abs.

So basically, a unicorn quest.

Welcome to Real Food Whole Life, HQ for the Mindset Driven Wellness Revolution

And this quest? Well, let’s just say it involved a lot of guilt, deprivation, comparison, complication, and shoulds.

Finally, after years of searching, I realized this was not the path to true wellness. I was tired of feeling deprived, and of healthy recipes requiring a zillion weird ingredients that my family didn’t even want to eat.

I was over the wellness + self-help industry telling me I just needed to work harder, try something new, and somehow find more hours in the day.

To be better and push harder, to want more, have more, be more.

Then finally, one day, I'd had enough. Enough complicated, enough all-or-nothing, enough perfection-chasing.

Welcome to Real Food Whole Life

So I decided to do thing differently. To flip the script, to start a movement, a revolution even — one that involves less striving, less falling short, less never enough.

Real Food Whole Life is the hub for this movement: your place for simplified solutions to real life wellness, and to embrace your own path to wellness.

To get out of should and lean into the good. Less self help, more self trust. More joy, more impact, more #gentleisthenewperfect.

I truly believe that’s why I’m here: to help you design your own wellness experience — because no one knows better than you.

So let's do this together. Simplified solutions to real life wellness? Now that feels good.

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Let’s ditch should and lean into good — together. Don’t miss a beat: join the tribe and we'll cut through the clutter to find simplified solutions for real life wellness.

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Simplify wellness and flip the script to focus on what it really means to be healthy.


Wanna shift your wellness mindset? Start here.

The Wellness Personality Quiz will help you understand how you think — especially when it comes to wellness, so you’ll be better able to make decisions that work for YOU.

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Simplified healthy recipes with whole, accessible ingredients + lots of veggies, plus no rules, except this: more of what’s real, more of what’s good.