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013: Davida Kugelmass, The Healthy Maven

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013 Ditching Extremes & Finding Joy with Davida Kugelmass, The Healthy Maven

Feel Good Effect Episode 013, Ditching Extremes & Finding Joy with Davida Kugelmass, The Healthy Maven

In this episode, we’re chatting about ditching extremes, setting boundaries, listening in and finding joy with Davida Kuglemass from the Healthy Maven.

Davida Kugelmass is the creator behind The Healthy Maven, a multi-channel health and wellness platform dedicated to making healthy living easier and sustainable.

Davida’s content is diverse, ranging from recipes, to travel, to self-care with a focus on how to live healthfully, rather than living for your health.

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Davida Kuglemass

Website: The Healthy Maven

Instagram: @thehealthymaven

Podcast: That’s So Maven

Key Takeaways from this Episode

How to take what works for you (and ditch the rest).

Overcoming an exercise addiction by taking a break and finding joy in movement.

Giving yourself permission to explore different options for healthy living.

Quitting the exhausted, hungry, guilty, frustrated cycle when it comes to food and exercise.

Why health is so much more than your pant size.

Letting go of compulsive exercise and leaning into intuitive movement. 

How to really listen to your body and give yourself permission to get what you actually need.

Davida’s self-nourishing morning and evening routine.

Why simplifying is healthy.

Balance is nourishing your body to feel good and that it changes from day to day.


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