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Meditation for the Rest of Us with Kait Hurley

Kait Hurley on the Feel Good Effect Podcast

Kait Hurley is the founder of With a background deeply rooted in wellness, Kait is an educator whose mission is to help others move, meditate, and feel amazing.

As a  lifelong athlete with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, she is dedicated to helping people feel strong and focused through their practice.

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Kait Hurley


Instagram: @kait.hurley


Overcoming body image issues.

Thriving with anxiety.

Why there are no quick fixes.

Common misconceptions about meditation.

Letting go of perfectionism and making exercise about connection.

Ways meditation can help you out of the negative self-talk loop.

How to bring awareness to the the messages you are sending yourself.

How to pair working out with meditation.

Practicing non-judgement and being more present.

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