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Your Real Food Meal Plan is here for you! A week's worth of healthy, clean-eating, weeknight meals.

Real Food Meal Plans are made up of five easy recipes, made with real food ingredients that can be made on busy weeknights. All the recipes are (or can easily be adapted to be) gluten-free and dairy-free. There's always a slow cooker recipe to kick off the week, and vegetarian and paleo options as well.

If you're doing the barre3 Challenge, trying to eliminate gluten and/or dairy from your diet, or just looking to eat cleaner, these meal plans will work for you. Just remember to follow the Portion Prescription, and fill at least half your plate with veggies!

Your Real Food Meal Plan is here for you! A week's worth of healthy, clean-eating, weeknight meals.

vg: vegan | v: vegetarian | gf: gluten-free | df: dairy-free | p: paleo | ff: freezer-friendly

Slow Cooker Pomegranate BBQ Chicken

1 | Slow Cooker Pomegranate BBQ Chicken with Crunchy Apple Slaw (gf, df, p, ff)

This slow cooked chicken is sweet, tangy, and a hit with the entire family. Pile it high on whole wheat or gluten-free bun, serve in rice bowls, or over greens. The slaw makes a great side, too, and adds plenty of veggies and good crunch.

Black Bean Bowls with Confetti Salw

2 | 20-Minute Black Bean Bowls with Confetti Slaw (vg, v, gf, df)

These bowls are packed with flavor and come together quickly. I like to double the slaw to enjoy another night as a side. They're also good with a little added quinoa or brown rice, and maybe some grilled chicken or shrimp for extra protein.

Lemony Chicken Skewers with Greek Chopped Salad

3 | Lemony Chicken Skewers with Greek Chopped Salad (gf, df, p)

This dinner is light, filling, and fast; the perfect combo for a busy weeknight. If it's too cold to light up the outdoor grill feel free to use a grill pan or pop the skewers under the broiler until browned and cooked through. Use whatever raw veggies you like and have on hand for the chopped salad.

Sweet Pea Power Salad

4 | Sweet Pea Power Salad (vg, v, gf, df)

I love that the sweet potatoes and chickpeas roast together in the oven at the same time, making prep for this salad simple. The pea pesto is so darn good I can eat it straight, but if you don't feel like making it, a simple drizzle of balsamic and olive oil will work just fine.

5 | Weeknight Zucchini and Beef Ragout (gf, df, p, ff)

This is one of our family's favorite go-to meals. I like my ragout served over zucchini noodles and Andrew and Elle take theirs over whole wheat pasta. Anyway you go it's fast and super satisfying.

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