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April Favorites

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Some of my favorite things for the month of April.

April Favorites

The perfect messy top knot. If you meet me in real life, chances are I will have my long hair twisted into a messy top knot. The top knot is my saving grace, taking me from a workout to my day job in seconds. Plus, it saves me from needing to wash my hair everyday. I'd be lost without it. I'll share my must-have messy top knot secret: the spin-pin from Goody. These little screw-shaped pins effortlessly hold a bun in place and are super simple to use. They are easy to find at most drugstores, Target and on Amazon. I even filmed a (very-low production value) video tutorial on how to use the pins to create the perfect messy top knot. Click here for the tutorial.

Mantra Band bracelets. I'm obsessed with Mantra Band bracelets. I received my first bracelet from barre3 after completing my 500th class and now I'm hooked. Most days I wear at least one and they are perfect for layering together. There are so many inspirational sayings to choose from, it's hard to pick just one!

My New Roots cookbook. This cookbook from Sarah B. at My New Roots is on my short-list. Her plant based approach to cooking is incredibly inspiring and I can't wait to snuggle up and read the entire book cover to cover.

My Everyday Life. I have the biggest girl crush on Tracy from Shutterbean. Her Instagram account is one of my favorites, and her My Everyday Life blog series is an addiction. She has a way of telling stories through pictures that is completely thought-provoking and absolutely beautiful. We all take pictures on our phones these days, and Tracy will have you rethinking your entire approach to daily snapshots. She inspires me to take better pictures and to tell more interesting stories.

Oh She Glows food for thoughtThis post from Angela at Oh She Glows has been stuck in my mind since I read it last week. She wrote it in response to some pretty aggressive, negative comments she received as a result of writing Will You Raise Your Daughter a Vegan? My Answer May Surprise You. Angela had one of the first popular vegan blogs and in many ways contributed to the widespread popularity of plant-based eating becoming mainstream. She recently had her first baby and wrote a post explaining how she and her husband wanted to approach feeding her. Needless to say, her first post was met with some many supportive comments, but also some downright nasty, hateful attacks. I am personally so over negative commenters who hide behind the anonymity of their keyboards to attack someone who choses to honestly share their story. 

Beyond the haters, the post has stayed with me because I so applaud Angela's honesty and open approach to raising her daughter. I completely respect other people's dietary choices, whether they are made for health or ethical reasons. I also think it's perfectly acceptable to embrace healthy eating without labeling yourself. My real food philosophy is making healthy food choices as often as possible, but also about celebrating eating and ditching food shame and guilt. Go read her two posts and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you!