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3 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting a barre3 Challenge: Summer Edition

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The barre3 Anywhere Challenge starts June 1st and today I'm sharing 3 things I wish I had known before starting a barre3 Challenge: Summer edition!

3 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting A barre3 Challenge: Summer Edition from

I'm counting down the days until June 1st to kickoff this summer's barre3 Anywhere Challenge and am thrilled to be doing the Challenge along with so many of you. Being part of a supportive community makes this process so much more fun. If you've read My barre3 Story you know barre3 Challenges have been life-changing for me. I've participated in every Challenge since that very first one 3 years ago and each time around I pick up new healthy habits and recommit just a little bit more to this lifestyle.

I've learned a few things along the way and I love the opportunity to share Challenge tips and inspiration. I wrote 3 Things I Wish I Had Know Before Starting a barre3 Challenge this past January and 3 Things I Wish I Had Known After Completing a barre3 Challenge as a follow-up. Since summer poses its own set of challenges and opportunities I was excited to write another in this series, which is appearing both on the barre3 blog and here as well. I want to mention, too, that these are not sponsored posts. I write them because I think the barre3 lifestyle is incredibly beneficial, and I want to be an encouraging voice to support and inspire. Okay, now onto what I wish I had known!

1. Rethink Summer Traditions. There’s just something about warm summer nights that seem to require wine, or at least ice cream. Then add in barbecues, camping trips, and vacations and suddenly you’re off routine and faced with all kinds of seasonal temptations. A few indulgences and missed workouts here and there aren’t a problem, but over several months they can add up.

The first time I participated in a barre3 Challenge during the summer I at first felt like I was missing out. Summer traditions are sentimental, and I wanted those barbecue potato chips and white, fluffy hamburger buns just like everyone else. However, I was so committed to making healthy changes that I quickly switched mindsets and saw an opportunity to rethink traditions. 

Instead of focusing on what I was missing I started creating new, healthy ways to indulge in summer. Coconut water and berry popsicles became a new favorite family treat, and the Crunchy Summer Veggie Lentil Salad I brought to the barbecue was one of the most popular dishes. I switched sparkling water for wine and found I woke up refreshed and more ready for summer fun. And taking barre3 outside made my body stronger and kept me from falling off the exercise wagon.

2. Enthusiasm is Contagious. I also worried about feeling left out at social events the first time I participating in a summer barre3 Challenge. I didn’t want to make a fuss about eating different food, skipping the cocktail, or squeezing in a 10-minute workout. Of course I know now that it’s all about owning it. 

When we went to parties I brought food I could eat and that was so good everyone wanted to eat it too. When I subtly swapped iced tea for my cocktail at parties I was surprised that a few friends joined me. And when I busted out 10-minutes workouts during vacations I was thrilled when some family members joined in. It’s become clear over time that my healthy choices have a direct impact on those around me, and my enthusiasm for this lifestyle invites people to try it too. 

3. Warm Months Inspire Simplicity. During my first summer barre3 Challenge I quickly learned that one of the best parts is how simple it is. Cooking with fresh, summer produce could not be easier. Throw some protein and veggies on the grill or chop some vibrant farmer’s market finds for a quick salad and you’re good to go. Pop into the studio on the way to your favorite activity or squeeze in 10 minutes at the playground with your kids. Do barre3 poolside or on the beach, then grab some fresh fruit, a handful of nuts, and your water bottle and relax for the afternoon. I actually think the simplicity of participating in a barre3 Challenge over the summer was what allowed me to really internalize all the healthy changes and to make this way of eating and moving a way of life.

This way of life has helped me shed pounds and inches, but most importantly it’s helped me build strength in my body and greater balance in my life. The summer is the perfect time to recommit to healthy habits, so I hope you’ll join me June 1st for the barre3 Challenge. Let’s do this together!

Have you participated in a barre3 Challenge before? What do you wish you had known before starting? 

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