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Thursday Things

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Thursday Things: Pictures, links, recipes + stories from my Real Food Whole Life this week. Cheers!

Strawberries Packed for Camping

Strawberries Camping SnackUse a large glass jar to keeps squishy things from getting smashed in the cooler.

Lemony Chicken Skewers with Chopped Greek Salad

Lemony Chicken Skewers with Chopped Greek Salad. One of our summer standbys. we've been eating this frequently. I can't get enough of that salad!

Breakfast Burritos for Camping

Breakfast Burritos for CampingEggs scrambled with garlic powder and paprika, organic canned refried beans, and salsa in a tortilla (whole grain or gluten free). Cheese for some people, guac for others. Or just eggs, cheese and tortilla for a certain 3 yo I know. Wrap in foil, then heat in a skillet or over a fire. Seriously fast and easy, plus no utensils required or mess to clean up at the campsite. I was thinking of writing a more detailed post on breakfast burrito how-to, including variations and freezing instructions. What do you think?

Hammock Napping

Hammock Napping. We went camping for Father's Day along the McKenzie River. There's nothing like taking a nap in a hammock while listening to the sound of a river. Nourishment for the soul.

Quinoa Salad Bowl

Quinoa Salad Bowl. Arugula + quinoa + chickpeas + snap peas (from the garden!) + red onion + avocado + maple tahini sauce (the sauce is from this recipe). 

And in case you missed it . . .

Weeknight Turkey Tacos with Summer Corn Salsa

Weeknight Turkey Tacos with Summer Corn Salsa. These tacos have been super popular. The salsa is divine, but you can even skip it in favor of store bought if you're pressed for time.

10 Meal Planning Tools I Can't Live Without

10 Meal Planning Tools I Can't Live Without. I love that you guys are loving these types of how-to and list posts. Have a question or idea for these posts? Leave me a comment or send me an email!

Oatmeal Pancakes with Nectarines and Cherries

Oatmeal Pancakes with Nectarines and Cherries. I think I've already made this recipe more times than any other on the blog. We are addicted! Give them a try this weekend and tell me what you think.

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan. Most popular this week: Easy Southwest Quinoa Bowls (yay!), followed by Grilled Chicken with Tomato Parsley Salad (yum!).

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