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Your Weekly Meal Plan is here: 5 easy weeknight meals, all gluten-free and dairy-free.

I love creating spring and summer meal plans inspired by fresh, vibrant produce. Eating healthy just seems to come naturally in the warmer months, and planning simple menus around seasonal veggies couldn't be easier.

I'm especially excited about June's Meal Plans because I'm focusing on making them barre3 Challenge friendly. All Weekly Meal Plans are actually barre3 friendly, but this month in particular I'm curating simple, fast, easy, healthy recipes for you to enjoy while participating in the Challenge. And if you're not doing the Challenge, no problem! The Meal Plans are here for you as well. 

I love to know what you're making, so share in the comments or on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #realfoodmealplan. You will be surprised by how many people you'll inspire with your healthy meal planning!

And on an unrelated note, I wanted to let you know that my contact page has not been working since the relaunch of the site earlier this month. So, if you've emailed me through the site know that I never received it. The problem has been fixed and I apologize if you reached out and I didn't respond. It was not on purpose! I do love hearing from you, so if you have a question or story for me feel free to send me a note. 

Okay, now onto the meal plan!

Weekly Meal Plan from #glutenfree #dairyfree #barre3challenge

vg: vegan | v: vegetarian | gf: gluten-free | df: dairy-free | p: paleo | ff: freezer-friendly

Slow Cooker White Bean and Quinoa Chili from Yummy Mummy Kitchen (v, gf, df, ff)

  • This light vegetarian chili is perfect for spring and summer meals. It makes plenty, so pack up leftovers to freeze or for lunches later in the week.  
  • If you're using prepackaged taco seasoning for this recipe be sure to check the ingredients and avoid any with added sugar, msg, preservatives or artificial chemicals.

Lemony Chicken Skewers with Greek Chopped Salad from Real Food Whole Life (gf, df, p)

  • The Chopped Greek Salad compliments this meal nicely, but if you're not up to it the skewers make a meal on their own.
  • If you're not dairy-free feel free to add feta to the Greek salad. 

Turmeric-Garlic Shrimp with Cabbage-Mango Slaw from Skinny Taste (gf, df, p)

  • This simple shrimp and slaw combo is super filling without weighing you down. 
  • Look for frozen shrimp in the freezer section of your grocery store.

Grilled Avocado and Vegetable Tacos from Two Peas & Their Pod (vg, v, gf, df)

  • Grilled veggies and avocado come together in these delicious tacos.
  • Skip the flour tortillas to keep this meal gluten-free. Substitute corn tortillas or serve over crisp greens. Omit the cheese to keep these dairy-free.

Chicken with Asparagus from barre3 (gf, df, p)

  • I'm somewhat nostalgic about this recipe because it was one of the first barre3 recipes. It's so simple and quick, proving that eating real food doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming.
  • If you don't have or don't want to use asparagus try snap peas or broccoli instead.

You can download the Real Food Whole Life Meal Plan Printable for free by clicking here. Customize your plan, then share it using the hashtag #realfoodmealplan.

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