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Photo by KLiK Concepts

Photo by KLiK Concepts

Welcome to Real Food Whole Life! 


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Meet Robyn

Read my story and learn why I founded Real Food Whole Life.

My Real Food Philosophy

Find out more about what I eat and why + my feeding healthy kids philosophy.


Get in touch! Drop me a line if you have questions, want to share your story, or to discuss a collaboration. Please direct recipe questions to the comment section under the recipe.

What RFWL Is All About


Quick, simple, real food recipes that can be made in one pan, in 30 minutes or less, in the slow cooker, or with 10 ingredients or less. 

Real Food Meal Plans 

Weekly real food meal plans, made up of five quick, easy, healthy recipes to make on busy weeknights.

Real Food How-To

Tips, tricks and short-cuts to help you get in and out of the kitchen quickly and efficiently and to help you lead a real, whole life.


Special series, interviews, entertaining tips, and more.


Stories and tips for feeding and raising healthy kids.


I'm an admitted barre3 devotee, so you'll find plenty on my practice, plus fitness tips, tricks, and inspiration.


May I use one of your photos on my site?

Yes. Please provide photo credit to Real Food Whole Life as well as a link to the original recipe. Using photos without giving credit or selling them as your own is stealing. Plus it's bad karma. 

May I post one of your recipes on my site?

You may provide the title of the recipe along with a link. Please do not copy the entire recipe to your site. Not cool, plus again, bad karma.

Do you take all the photos for Real Food Whole Life?

Unless otherwise noted, yes! When I started the site in 2015 I had no idea how to take a food picture, and it's something I'm still practicing everyday. 

Is Real Food Whole Life your full-time job?

Nope! As of January, 2016 I work full-time running my parents consulting company. I work on RFWL at night, on weekends, and during the "fringe hours."

Ask Robyn

Find more frequently asked reader questions in this post.

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